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In 1999, we do sales in Water purifier business. That was the first step towards becoming a total water purifier Solution Company.
We are passionate about water purifier and related Services where we explore the possibilities in many sectors like domestic water purifier, commercial water purifier, industrial water purification plant, DM Plant, etc.


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We nurture a habit that we serve the customer as much as the customer has fully satisfied with our services through our professional approach, quality components, reasonable pricing, repeat free service if any issue raised due to recent service/parts.

We are passionate about creating RO Service that our customer love. Creating more sustainable business with life long relationship the customer from reducing any service pain and tension.

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We at Water Soft India, basically took an initiative in the RO water purifiers industry to provide the best and to serve the most reliable and satisfactory service, the company has begun as a vision in early 1999 to provide efficient, high-grade water treatment solutions for people and places all over the cities and basically, we are focusing on Delhi and Delhi NCR. From its humble beginnings as a one-man engineer shop to today’s full factory with a team of top engineers, sales, and support staff that vision has stayed the same.


Our water treatment company started in 1999 in Delhi as a small start-up with few technicians, where the first systems were made by Water Soft India, Steadily the demand raised and our company began to grow and a budding market moved the company to, Now nearly a decade and a half later, the company has designed and built well over systems for over a sufficient number of premium clients in all over Delhi and in Delhi NCR that purify enough water to supply over purified water for decades, we hold experience of many years in the same field.


A reverse osmosis manufacturer that has always prided itself on using top-of-the-line components from fine quality spare parts manufacturers, and many more. A company that has consistently held ethical business practices at every point in the design and setups, build, and delivery, and a company that has a well-rounded, multi-talented team of passionate people behind every project and delivery going into these industrial-grade water purification systems. You know that when you choose a water purifier to design and manufacture the system you’ve chosen a company that will invest their years of experience and a true love for providing clean water into your new water filtration system.


A passionate and traditional way of working, knowing that water is such a precious resource around the world, is the driving force behind the quality of work they convey and create with the purifier technology that provides clean drinking water to thousands of people in need, purifying mine water waste, and encourage dust suppression to keep the surrounding communities safe with Water Soft India believes that every drop of water that flows from their systems is a drop that prevents and to save the world.


The final way that our company as a water treatment leader stands its hand in protecting resources is by creating the most efficient system on the market. They use state-of-the-art components, test efficiency, and design for “low footprint” usage. From containerized systems that are self-sufficient and temperature moderated to solar-powered systems that never need an external electricity supply, it is safe to say that Pure Aqua, Inc. is not just thinking about water but about the impacts that purifying it has on other belongings too.


we look forward to the opportunity of adding you to our business family and handling your specific water purification or filtration requirements and we first try to understand it and give our 100% efforts to provide you the best solutions.




We highly appreciate your interest in our products. We are a global leader in water treatment and reverse osmosis for industrial and professional applications, and we have a good command in the distribution network through which we have gained an industry-wide standing for high quality and superior performance. Once we receive your details, our manager will call you to discuss further details.


We want to ensure you that our sales team is ready to help you with any inquiries you might have regarding anything from specific projects, quoted prices, or interests in knowing about us. The benefits provided by us in terms of expertise.


Please feel free to contact us via email, phone call, or sending us a quote by filling out the form mentioned on our website. You also have the option to contact us directly via call or submit your details within the form. We always look ahead to getting in touch with you as soon as possible.




For almost a decade, our expert technicians and engineers have worked around the clock to work on the most advanced technology for every single water treatment solution you can think of. All the solutions provided to meet all types of industries requirements & applications.


There can be a number of different signs that signal the need for a water treatment solution such as a non-taste or smell in your water. Unwanted stains on your equipment, towels, clothes, or fixtures are other denotes. The water treatment solutions that are builder by our company are customized to deliver the most excellent solution for any water quality problem in the industrial, residential, and market commercial,


Our all-inclusive inventory of water treatment systems includes parts from the most trusted and reputable company. Our clients can be assured of quick service and shipping, as well as free water checking and testing.


Concerns over the quality of water being used in a variety of industries stem from the shows that water plays in the processes of quality water in order to provide quality service or output. Furthermore, water treatment solutions when drawn-out to a considerable length offer incredible consistency throughout all of these processes. Reclaiming and reusing wastewater is made possible to deliver options to accessible water for different purposes. Ultimately, we deliver a comprehensive set of water purification technologies that improve the capacity of water treatment that translates into:



Wastewater treatment and ideal flow rate

Scaling reduction from industrial and commercial equipment

Reduced maintenance costs and requirements

Long-lasting lifetime usage of water processing supplies with lower downtime

Greater water recovery

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