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  • Time Duration 1 Dec 2025
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Why Should we change Pre-Filter in water purifier on every frequency of 4 to 6 months ?

RO helps purify unfiltered water by removing impurities. It is a type of filtration technology in which water is deionized by forcing it through a semi-permeable, absorbent membrane under pressure. Large molecules or contagion are sieved in this process. The water then flows from a more concentrated side (with more impurities) to a less concentrated side (with less impurities) to provide uncontaminated and safe drinking water. Permeate is the clean water that is treated, and brine or litter is the water that is left over. Since RO filters and membranes play such an important role in the process, they must be replaced on a regular basis. Daily sanitization of your RO device will help it run more efficiently.

Why is it essential to change your filters and cartridges?

A filter acts as the lungs of your water purifier, removing harmful waste products from your drinking water and ensuring that only the cleanest, safest water reaches you. Wreckages or fragments may clog the inside of the filter over time, permanently damaging the filer (or even the RO). Furthermore, since the filters are carbon-based, they lose their absorbent properties over time and must be replaced on a regular basis. As a result, it’s important to keep an eye on RO and replace your RO filter on a regular basis.

How often should RO filters be replaced and serviced?

The pre-filter RO, which is located outside the RO water purifier, should be replaced every 3 to 4 months, depending on the quality and quantity of purified water. The other pre-filters, such as the DI cartridge, Carbon, and Sediment filter, should be replaced every 6 to 12 months, depending on how many gallons of water they move through, but each filter should be tested separately. As a result, changing your RO filters every year is needed to be sure and clean. The RO membrane, on the other hand, should be replaced every two years. If you don’t get RO service on a regular basis, chemicals can end up in your drinking water, which can be dangerous to your health.

What are the charges for Changing Pre-filter in water purifier?

We are constantly working to offer amazing water treatment goods and services at very fair prices. The Cost of Pre-filter  (10” Spun Candle) in Domestic Water Purifier is Rs. 200. plus service visit charges.

What We Offer

For several years, WATER SOFT INDIA has been a leading name in the Indian water treatment industry, offering high-quality, low-cost services. Domestic, manufacturing, and industrial RO networks, as well as related facilities, are all areas of expertise for us. WATER SOFT INDIA is proud of its strong Service base. In addition to our RO expertise, ”we are actively working to provide amazing water treatment products and RO services at very reasonable rates.”

Periodical Service

RO need regular service on every 4 to 6 months

Pre- Filter Change

We provide RO Service with pre-filter change

Tank Cleaning

We clean your water purifier tank
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