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How does our RO professional doing RO Services and Repairs work ?

Our RO Service Technician do RO service in a professional way, they use high quality RO Spare parts. They understand the customer issue and inspect the problem. The cost of RO Service and repair is also very affordable to the customer.

Almost every country in the world is experiencing problems with water supply, and it is fair to say that the situation in India is the worst. The majority of areas in our country have polluted water supplies. Water is polluted in some areas due to the presence of vast quantities of water-treatment chemicals, and in others, the consistency is so low that it cannot even be used for washing utensils.

The presence of compounds such as magnesium and calcium in water causes it to be hard and is also responsible for high TDS levels. As a result, their high levels can trigger scale buildup in your plumbing assemblies, which can be expensive to fix. It’s possible that the whole device will need to be replaced. So it’s wise to have TDS levels in your supply water tested on a regular basis so you can take preventative steps early on.

High-quality, cost-effective RO services.

It is fair to assume that you are aware that RO water purifiers play an important role in ensuring the availability of safe and contamination-free water in each of our lives. The explanation for its use is that the municipal water source is unfit for human consumption, making a RO a requirement for us.

WATER SOFT INDIA has been a leading name in the Indian water treatment industry for many years, providing high-quality, cost-effective services. We deal with domestic, manufacturing, and commercial RO networks, as well as related services. WATER SOFT INDIA takes pride in having a solid IT foundation. We are constantly working to offer amazing water treatment goods and services at very fair prices, in addition to our IT expertise.”

The necessity of RO Service and repair on time to time for water purifier.
  • After a year, RO must replace all three filters.
  • The 5-micron physical dust is trapped by the Pre-Filter(every 4-6 months)
  • The sediment cartridge traps physical impurities as small as 1-5 microns, such as dust and mud.
  • The bad odor, color, and taste are all absorbed by the carbon cartridge. Chemical impurities were to blame.
  • To keep your equipment pure, it’s important to change RO Membrane with these filters at regular intervals (every 12 months is recommended).
What kind of RO that we repair?

Each of our clients admires us for providing high-quality RO purifier service on their premises. Our skilled service technicians are recognized for their extensive knowledge of domestic RO water purifiers, which enables them to pinpoint the source of the issue. No matter which brand and/or model of RO purifier you have, our experts will repair and service them all and ensure that they are in good working order before they leave your home.

What We Offer

We repair industrial RO, RESIDENTIAL RO & COMMERCIAL ROs.

WATER SOFT INDIA takes pride in having a solid IT foundation. We are constantly working to offer amazing water treatment goods and services at very fair prices

Location: we serve at various prime locations such as Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad, Sonipat, Ghaziabad etc

Properties: we have a team of expertise in RO servicing. We have a trained and seasoned team of RO Engineers and RO Technicians available in prime locations across the country to provide the best in class RO Purifier Filter Repair Service at very low rates.

RO service at Rs.99

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