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RO Service Kit 1 for your Water Purifier at Best Price.

The RO water purifier is a mechanical device that, like all devices, degrades over time. As a result, it is critical to ensure that any damaged parts are replaced as soon as possible in order to ensure top-quality results, as failing to do so may result in major problems. Daily RO service and timely RO repair are two of the most effective ways to keep your RO in top shape. When it comes to RO service and repair, it’s necessary to understand that they need certain consumables, which you must buy. Even if you know how to fix some simple or common problems with your RO water purifier, you’ll need to replace some parts or consumables to get your RO back in working order.

Water soft India isn’t far behind, because our goal is to provide the best service possible to our customers by ensuring that their RO is delivering absolutely safe drinking water.

  • After a year, RO must replace all three filters.
  • The 5-micron physical dust is trapped by the Pre-Filter.
  • The sediment cartridge traps physical impurities as small as 1-5 microns, such as dust and mud.
  • The bad odor, color, and taste are all absorbed by the carbon cartridge. Chemical impurities were to blame.
  • To keep your equipment pure, it’s important to change these filters at regular intervals (every 12 months is recommended).
How do we service a water purifier with RO Service Set?

It is a full filter kit that is needed to replace your RO filters when they have become inoperable or have become clogged due to heavy dust build-up. It is reasonably priced. The RO water purifier’s performance is also influenced by its filters and spare parts, as well as other factors. Water soft India has taken special care to ensure that the standard is maintained so that you can enjoy new-like efficiency following the repair work. We include a carbon filter, sediment filter, RO membrane, PP spun, and elbows in this RO service pack. All of the components in this package play a critical role in providing fully healthy drinking water. As a result, choosing our kit will ensure that your RO water purifier has a longer service life and needs less maintenance.


Being a top RO Service facility provider for any kind of RO water purifier.

At Water Soft India, we also focus on Quality Service at reasonable Pricing at customer doorstep. We are maintaining Customer Relationship Management -CRM for providing effectively Service as per customer satisfaction.


We aim to design and build  1 Year RO Service Kit with Inline pack, 100 GPD membranes, Spun Filter Candle  and Other Accessories Solid Filter Cartridge, Carbon cartridge. These have been specially developed by experts for high-pressure filtration specially for RO Water Purifier. All of the goods we sell are produced in accordance with industry standards. Quality analyzers evaluate these on a variety of criteria before final dispatch to ensure that they are defect-free.

RO Service Kit

We change Pre-Filter, Sediment Cartridge and Carbon Cartridge.

Quality Spare Parts

We use quality spares with long durability at affordable price.

Clean RO Tank

We clean RO Tank and outer cabinet of your water purifier.
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