Leakage Problem from your Water Purifier.

  • If you notice a constant leakage from the water purifier faucet, it’s an indication that some part of the purifier is ill-fitted. To fix the issue, the part will have to be tightly fitted, which is usually checked during the water filter service.
  • If the same issue is found in a filter or membrane, it could possibly because of a worn-out O-ring.
  • During the RO service / UV service, a professional will have to check if the valve is properly closed, check the O-rings, and replace it if it is cracked or not in a good condition.

Service Charge for Water leakage fixing : Rs. 199  ( if any spare need to be change it will be charged extra)

Fix Water Leakage @ Rs.199

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Wetting due to leakage - We Fix it

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Fixing Leaking Faucet Or Filter/Membrane housing?

Leakage Problem fixing in RO

Do you have a (RO) water purifier system? Is it not working properly? This is an article to help you complete why your drinking water filter is leaking and what you can do to fix your RO.

We at WaterSoft India took an initiative just not to provide services as well as we are here to spread the right awareness towards RO water purifier related problems and solutions If you own and maintain a reverse osmosis water treatment system in your home, then you’re probably already aware that things sometimes go badly. We have water quality engineers at WaterSoft India who have pulled together a helpful list of the most common problems people have with their Reverse Osmosis water filters at home along with the most common solutions with experts.


An air gap is an efficient way to prevent dirty drain water from flowing back into your clean drinking water. Whenever a drain connects a device to a drinking water supply, fixing requires backflow prevention. The air gap made up separation in the line to the drain. If the drain were to back up, dirty water would not flow backward and it started past the air gap.


The size of your air gap stands on the flow rate of the water going through it. You can use it for your dishwasher, washing machine, water softener, or reverse osmosis system.


Reverse Osmosis: Problems, Solutions


go through the headlines for common symptoms, causes, and solutions to water filter failures. If you have quarries about your water quality or your water purifier system, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our professional water purifier fixing team of expert technicians.




What causes leaks in a reverse osmosis system?


Reverse osmosis separates impurities from water molecules and flushes them to the drain. Water leaking from an air gap leakage in an RO system is a result of improper installation or a restriction preventing water from flowing to the drain. Gravity is the only source that travels water from the air gap to the drain, so any resistance causes the water to back up and leak from the air gap hole. A leaking air gap renews contaminants back into the filtered water.


An air gap leak may be the result of present feed water situations. The more impurities and dissolved solids in the feed water, the greater the chance of acquiring debris. Air gaps back up when something stonewalls water flow. A slow-running sink drain may cause junk to collect in your RO system air gap. Where may blockage occur?


In a clogged drain pipe

In a drain saddle clamp that has rotated away from the drilled hole

In a clogged air gap hole

In the drain saddle where the drain tube connects

In the drain tube at the saddle connection


Tip: Prevent build-up by cleaning your drain during your annual filter replacement. Scheduling maintenance is better than reacting to a leak.



Proper installation prevents restrictions in the air gap.


How can you prevent a leakage ?


Place the drain seat as far away as possible. The disposal can shoot junk into the drain line and block the air gap leakage. Locate a place where tubing can run as straight as possible without looping or extreme bending.


Adjust excess tubing that dips below the seats the location that causes water to back up the air gap and leak out.

Keep the drain seats from moving away from the drilled hole. Here’s how: apply the clamp carefully, tighten it, then drill the hole. Be careful not to damage the tube connection fitting of the purifier Rotation can also occur over time if your system under the sink gets bumped.


Use a horizontal mount to minimize the bubbling noise your RO system makes while filtering water. The location of the saddle drain may also help in preventing water leakage.


Clear accumulated debris by taking the tubing apart from the saddle. During the cleaning process, make sure the hole is properly lined up with the clamp. Insert a pencil or small screwdriver through the fitting to ensure proper alignment.


You may not be able to completely eliminate the occasional air gap leak, but you can minimize the frequency with which they occur. Avoid rinsing large chunks of food or other objects that might cause an obstruction down the drain. Treating your drain with MegaMicrobes, an all-natural drain cleaner keeps biofilm and another organic waste build-up in your drain under control.





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