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RO Maintenance Services @ Rs.99

Get your RO Repair & service maintenance from RO technician.

2x Faster Service at your Doorstep

We provide quick and fast service from company trained RO technician.

Our team preffer it doing with the perfection.

You can book your water purifier service by filling Service request Form in our website

Just enter your name, telephone number, Address and the type service requirement in Form and submit it in seconds.

Our customer service team will contact you soon and appoint a technician according to your on convenient time.

Always WaterSoft India use quality components with all major ro water purifier brands in India.

WaterSoft India use DuPont World’s reputed (Filmtec Dow) Membranes,  Aquafresh RO Membranes, CSM Membranes, that are used top water purifier brands in India and abroad.

Urban Company and other such companies are like a marketplace and use freelancers, which means that their experience may or may not be up to the mark and the service experience may change from time to time. In comparison, Water Soft India has company trained service technician with have expertise in water purifier and WaterSoft India has served more than 10 years in water purifier industry, which means that you can rest assured of high-quality repairs, excellent service, and quick turnaround times.

If any repeat call occurred within 7 days from service done with same problem that we have rectified then we provide free of service charge as repeat call visit.

Below reasons that could be a problem for not filtering properly?

RO Water Tank Does Not Fill Up

  • This is a common problem that is caused due to extremely low water pressure, especially in the case of RO water purifiers.
  • If the water pressure is less than 40 psi you will need to increase the pressure with the help of a water pump commonly used for RO purifiers.
  • A broken/blocked RO membrane could also be a reason for it. When the membrane is clogged, the water filtration process slows down and the water quality corrupts. All of this can be taken care of with a regular water purifier service.
  • If the membrane is chocked or damaged it should be replaced to avoid any health issues and especially nowadays when several types of viruses are spreading rapidly.

RO Water makes Noisy

  • You may often get to hear a strange noise from the drain line or water purifier faucet, especially after getting the filter cartridges replaced.
  • Noice can be noticed from RO Booster Pump that can be done by replacing or repairing of RO pump.
  • This usually happens when there is air being pushed out of the system or due to a change in the water pressure within the system.
  • You can schedule a water filter service to replace the filter. If the noise doesn’t subside, you will need to call a professional to check if the tubing is set straight. The noise also occurs if the tank’s valve is not properly closed.

Slow Water Flow

  • This is a common problem where the water pressure is low, especially in the case of an RO water purifier which needs a minimum pressure of 40 to 60 psi (pounds per square inch) to operate properly.
  • There could also be a fault in the water storage tank. There is an air pocket in the water tank that works rapidly, depending on how much water is stored in the tank. The more water, the more the pressure.
  • If there is a leakage in the pocket, it doesn’t release enough pressure and this conveys to slow water flow from the faucet. This can be avoided with a regular water filter service.

Unusual Water Taste Or Smell from RO

  • This happens when a biofilm, a number of organic and inorganic material collected on the surface, is an increase in one or more of the filtration stages and when the levels of contaminants in the water rise.
  • The rapid solution for this is to replace any clogged filters, which are covered in the water purifier service, be it an RO service or UV service. So if you got your water purifier installation done 6 months ago, it’s important you get it serviced now. Two services a year is highly recommended.
  • To ignore such a problem, it’s also essential to change the filters every 12 months.


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